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Listed below are the applications included in the SYS:Applications drawer.

Each application has its own page giving an overview of its purpose and basic usage. Click an application name for more information.

Apdf.png Apdf
A PDF viewer.
MorphOS3 jPV Gfxspeed.png Benchmark
A benchmarking suite which includes DiskSpeed, SCSISpeed, and GfxSpeed applications.
MorphOS3 jPV Flacapella1.png Flacapella
A CDDA ripper/encoder.
MorphOS3 jPV Scribble.png FlowStudio
A full-featured text editor and IDE based on Scintilla.
MorphOS3 jPV Jalapeno3.png Jalapeno
A simple CD/DVD authoring application.
Kryptos.png Kryptos
A TrueCrypt compatible disk encryption suite.
LCDMonitorTest.png LCD Monitor Test
For testing and repairing LCD monitors.
LogTool.png LogTool
A comprehensive MorphOS debugging companion.
OdysseyWebBrowser.png OWB (Odyssey Web Browser)
A full-blown WebKit based browser with modern functionality.
MorphOS3 jPV Rdesktop.png RDesktop
A Remote Desktop client supporting the RDP protocol.
RemoteShell.png Remote Shell
A fully configurable MUI based SSH client.
MorphOS3 jPV Scandal.png SCANdal
A fully featured scanning suite.
Review jpv Showgirls.png ShowCase
A powerful image viewer with advanced image manipulation options.
Sketch.png Sketch
A painting application.
MorphOS3 jPV SynergyServer.png Synergy
Synergy protocol client and server applications.
Transfer.png Transfer
A graphical FTP/SFTP client.
MorphOS3 jPV Vncserver.png VNC Server
A remote access server allowing clients to connect using the VNC protocol.
MorphOS3 jPV Vpdf1.png VPDF
The PDF viewer on MorphOS.
An input only VNC client.

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